UK/Nigeria deportation charter flight includes man from Cameroon…

Will Nigerian Government let UK deport a Cameroonian man to Nigeria?

  • Did January 26th UK/Nigeria deportation charter flight include Tanzanians and Somalis?
  • Why is Nigerian High Commission in London giving the UKBA emergency travel documents for non-Nigerians?

7th March 2012

[Source: No Deportations ]

14th attempt to Remove Patrice Ndjonssy

Say no to his deportation – Removal set for Thursday 8th February

Patrice Ndjonssy is a 40-year-old Cameroonian national is currently detained at Brook House IRC. Patrice fled to the UK in 2008, to escape persecution in Cameroon. His safety is at severe risk, should he be removed. UKBA plans to remove Patrice on Charter flight PVT090 Thursday 8th March 22:30. This will be the 14th attempt to remove Patrice. The destination country on Patrice’s RD’s is Cameroon but he is the only detainee on Charter flight PVT 090 with the destination as Cameroon. Other potential removees with RDs on PVT 090 the country of destination is Nigeria; Patrice is extremely worried that if removed he will be dumped in Nigeria!

13th attempt to Remove Patrice Ndjonssy

“The escorts came for me at 01:30 am Monday morning and we had to drive around and around and then find somewhere to wait. I do not know why they came so early.”

“Eventually we arrived at the airport, one escort went to the plane to see if they could take me. I think they were told they had to wait until the Air France pilot arrived. When the pilot did arrive, he came over to the van and asked if I was Patrice and asked if I was ready to fly with them. I said No I do not want to go back as my life will be in danger. He said okay I won’t carry you and went back to the plane. So here I am back in Colnbrook STH, no doubt waiting for RDs number 14.”

“I thank all the people who supported me and got in touch with Air France. But now UKBA say that the next thing will be a charter flight, but a charter flight to where to as I understand Cameroon will not accept such flights. I have been told by other detainees that a charter flight to Nigeria in January carried other nationalities than Nigerian. I believe they were from Tanzania and Somalia and they were dumped at Lagos airport to make their own way back to their countries”

About Patrice
In Douala, Western Cameroon, Patrice was the proprietor of a bar and he and his family (wife and two children) lived in adjoining accommodation. Although he occasionally served customers who were members of opposition parties, Patrice himself had no interest in politics and was not a member of any party. However, on 26th February 2008, two gendarmes took him into custody and questioned him on opposition membership.

The gendarmes then beat Patrice and placed in him a cell where he was tortured for two weeks. He was given electric shocks, a

strong light was shone in his eyes and cooking oil was poured over him to attract cockroaches.

Patrice escaped when one police officer took pity on him, hid him in the boot of his car and drove him out of the gendarmerie. The officer took him to his friend George’s house and told him that he needed to leave the country. A friend of George helped Patrice to travel to Nigeria and then to the UK, where he telephoned his wife, telling her to reimburse George for the flights. His wife told him that the bar had been burnt down on the 29th February, three days after his detention.

During his time in the UK, Patrice has made positive contributions to society through voluntary work. He spent two to three months on a wood recycling project and then spent six months volunteering with the Salvation Army. At the same time, Patrice has suffered greatly as a result of his treatment at the hands of the gendarmes in Cameroon. He has migraines and high blood pressure and takes medication every day. He is also in a highly stressed state.

Cameroon has a horrendous record of gross human rights violations, including torture and killings, against dissidents and members of opposition. Tawanda Hondora, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Africa said, “Political opposition is not tolerated in Cameroon. Any dissent is suppressed through either violence or abuse of the legal system to silence critics.”

Even though Patrice has no involvement in politics, he is now assumed to be an opposition supporter and will feel the full force of this anti-opposition violence if he is returned to Cameroon.

Patrice’s appeals and Judicial reviews have been dismissed and he is now appeal rights exhausted.

What you can do to help

1. Please fax/phone/email, Secretary of State for the Home Office, Rt. Hon Theresa May, MP. Ask her to exercise her discretionary powers to stop the flight, ands release Patrice Ndjonssy from detention and to grant him protection in the UK.

Please remember to quote Patrice’s Home Office Reference number in any correspondence: N1142890/2

Rt. Hon Theresa May, MP Secretary of State for the Home Office, 2 Marsham St London SW1 4DF Fax: 020 7035 4745


Please let the campaign know of any actions:

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