Tamils protest against Rajapaksa’s invite to Diamond Jubilee

Tamils protest against Rajapaksa’s invite to Diamond Jubilee

Tamils protest against Rajapaksa’s invite to Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, as Her Majesty’s Government plan another mass deportation to Sri Lanka on 31st May 2012


Hundreds of Tamils and supporters gathered outside Downing Street this afternoon to protest against the Her Majesty’s Government’s decision to invite Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee event.

Campaign group ‘Tamil Solidarity‘ charge Rajapaksa with Genocide for his role in the civil war and ongoing human rights abuses.

Her Majesty’s Government have planned another mass deportation of Tamil asylum-seekers to Sri Lanka in advance of the Diamond Jubilee; flight number PVT030 on Thursday 31st May 2012 at half past three in the afternoon, leaving from an undisclosed airport. This is despite mounting evidence that people deported by the British Government to Sri Lanka have subsequently been interrogated, abducted, tortured and, in at least one case, killed.

During the protest, a coach from the company ‘Just Go!’ drove down Whitehall. This company are used by the UK Border Agency to drive deportees from detention centres to the airport on the day of a mass deportation, as can be seen from this video of a previous deportation to Sri Lanka on 15th December 2011.

Mass deportations to Sri Lanka resumed in June 2011 after Britain’s ex-Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, arranged a meeting with Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagma and opposition MP Wijedasa Rajapaksa during the week of June 6, 2011 in Colombo’s Hilton hotel. A flight followed on 16th June 2011. There have been 3 more since then (28th September 2011, 15th December 2011 and 28th February 2012).



  1. Mugabe is not invited but Rajapakse is invited !!
    Sri Lanka – nearly 146,000 people unaccounted for, in 8 months according to Bishop ofMannar who uses Sri Lankan government statistics to derive at the figure.
    UN counted the dead up to end of April 2009 but said that it was bloodbath in the next 18 days.

  2. Mugabe was not invited because his crimes were against the whites, Rajapakshe was invited because his victims were brown. Racist Monarchy and Money greedy British MPS like Mr FOX whose compassion only knows money!

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