Hands off Immigrants *EVENT*

Get set for an interesting event next Saturday…

Britain’s detention and deportation system is criminalising immigrants as part and parcel of its continuing attack on the people of Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

Saturday December 1st @ 1.30pm, Horn Of Africa Community Centre, Shepherds Bush, Lime Grove, W12 8EE

From UKBA stop and searches to dawn raids, the threat of lengthy detention and deportation is very real for many Somali people in Britain – who are contantly criminalised whether they have a British passport or not. Recent attempts to deport Somali man Said Kasim Mohammed to Tanzania and Raul Ally (who has been in Britain since he was 12 years old) have reminded us that the British state is attacking Somali people who reside in Britain and who have fled the life-threatening conditions created by imperialist war and intervention in their own country. British imperialism has butchered its way around the world, attacking and robbing the people of Asia, Africa, and South America. In 2009 British businesses and institutions made a staggering £8,679.7bn from the rest of the world. This is 6.2 times Britain’s gross domestic product. Britain is dependent on the wealth that is produced abroad, but when migrants arrive here, the state treats them with suspicion and contempt.

People can be held in immigration detention in Britain virtually indefinitely.  Many are imprisoned for purely administrative reasons; often with no access to legal help or advice. In 2010, 183 detainees were hospitalised as a result of self harm in immigration detention and 1,467 people were deemed ‘at risk’.  On 30 October Prince Ofusu became the latest person to die in detention; his death Harmondsworth immigration removal centre remains as yet unexplained.

During his time in detention, Raul Ally said:

“We feel like criminals despite just wanting to come here because it is not safe in our country… I’m glad I’m out but the two months I had inside were the worst experience I’ve had in Britain, I want to say the worst in my life”.

It is not only the Somali community who are under attack, but all immigrants in Britain, who are being made scapegoats for a financial crisis that they had no part in creating. The detention and deportation of immigrants is a facet of British imperialism that can not be ignored. While the mainstream media either doesn’t report on it at all, or supports the government’s policies, the truth about detention and deportation remains hidden. This is the same racist media which celebrated the extradition to the USA of Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad and others, whilst congratulating the Con-Dem government on not extraditing Gary McKinnon. All three are British citizens and the racist British state’s differential treatment according to skin colour, religion and ethnic background was clear for all to see. We need to acknowledge the necessity to educate ourselves and build a movement which is prepared to defend the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers, and all those under attack.

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