UK Border Agency defies MPs over deportation ‘reserves’ – Observer

UK Border Agency defies MPs over deportation ‘reserves’ – Observer

Extra detainees still being held at airports before charter flights, a year after MPs and prison inspector demanded end to practice

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The UK Border Agency is under attack for ignoring demands from a cross-party Commons committee and the chief inspector of prisons to stop its “inhumane” treatment of some deportees.

The agency was told last year to stop taking additional detainees to airports, in case other deportees were taken off flights after sudden court orders.

But over half of the 40 deportation flights that have since left the UK involved the use of reserves.

Research group Corporate Watch, which obtained the figures through a freedom of information request, also discovered that UKBA has now institutionalised the practice by issuing detainees with letters telling them they may or may not be deported.

Corporate Watch and Stop Deportation, a UK-based campaign group focusing on charter flight deportations, are currently working on a joint report examining the various legal aspects of charter flight deportations.

Thanks to the Observer for publishing this.
Look forward to seeing UKBA’s reply to Keith Vaz.
Wonder if they will justify reserves again on grounds of “cost effectiveness”…

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