UKBA: Soft on Immigration? 4 deaths in 5 months…oh, and Mi6 killed Patrice Lumumba

UKBA: Soft on Immigration?

4 deaths in 5 months…oh, and Mi6 killed Patrice Lumumba

Verbal diarrhea about Britain’s supposedly lax immigration policy ignores the rising death toll of people killed by the UK Border Agency. Britain’s real role in the world is that of a hitman, not a humanitarian hero.

Last month the public were bombarded by statements from all the Party leaders and the right-wing media about how this country is too soft on immigration. Anybody can come and go as they please, and the welfare system is their oyster. The convenient spectacle of Abu Qatada avoiding deportation yet again was produced on cue to ‘prove’ their point.

Nothing of course, could be further from the truth. Khalid Shahzad, Jackie Nanyonjo, Alois Dvorzac and Prince Kwabena Fosu have all died in the last 5 months as a result of their treatment by the UK Border Agency. This isn’t being soft on immigration – this is the state sponsored murder of immigrants. And yet their deaths are notably absent from the ‘debate’ about Britain’s borders.

Much of this ‘debate’ is completely bogus. Take Theresa May’s latest announcement that the UKBA will be split up … how is that any different from her creation last year of a separate UK Border Force, under the command of a former Admiral? Civil servants have been told they will be doing the same job – this is clearly just a rebranding exercise.

What is significant, however, is the revelation this week by a Labour Peer that Mi6 killed Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected President of Congo, in 1961. (The CiA and Belgium were previously associated with his murder). Lord Lea, writing in the London Review of Books, said that a former Mi6 officer and Tory peer Daphne Park made a death bed confession about Lumumba’s death. Park is alleged to have told Lea “We did. I organised it.”

Jawid Laiq, writing in the Hindu, reminds us that “Thirty years later, on October 8, 1991, Omasese Lumumba, nephew of the Congolese leader, was “unlawfully killed” in a British prison. The jury’s verdict at a coroner’s inquest ruled that Omasese died as a result of “excessive force” inflicted on him by the staff of Pentonville Prison, London. Earlier, Omasese, had fled from Congo as he had been ill-treated and imprisoned there for being a relative of Patrice.”

Far from being a ‘soft touch’ on immigration, Britain is a hitman who routinely gets away with the murder of migrants and people of colour. The death of Lumumba made way for Mobutu, a western proxy whose 32-year rein of terror in the Congo caused massive destruction and displacement, creating an untold number of refugees.

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