EDL “Empire: progress, Slavery: price of an education”

EDL “Empire: progress, Slavery: price of an education”

This video was recorded at the sidelines of a recent EDL protest, after the death of Lee Rigby. The woman blames “mass immigration” for an isolated murder, i.e. blaming every immigrant who ever came here for what happened in Woolwich. She then goes on to describe Imperialism as “progress”, and Slavery as the “price of an education”.

People of colour are expected to apologise for any crime committed by someone who looks like them in Britain. Meanwhile, white people celebrate the countless colonial genocides committed around the world by their ancestors as “progress”.

This confused white woman was not alone in her conflation of murder with migration – and the predictable call for people to be ‘stripped’ of their citizenship and deported (in whichever order). The Tory MP for Beckenham (and Northern Ireland veteran) Bob Stewart said, without any apparent sense of irony, that he “would like to see anyone who advocates violence out of our country on the first aeroplane back to wherever they came from” – despite the fact the Woolwich attackers were born in Britain, and despite the fact that his demand would surely include every MP who votes for British wars of aggression?

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