UKBA deportation to Nigeria tonight – call embassy


9 October, 2013

Over 60 vulnerable people face deportation to Nigeria at 8.30 TONIGHT on a specially ‘chartered flight’ [number PVT 090] organised by the Home Office and departing from an undisclosed UK airport.

In recent weeks, Nigerian authorities allegedly turned away two deportation charter flights because they could not process so many nationals returned from the UK at once. This is according to the Unity Centre in Glasgow, a refugee charity who are in contact with several asylum-seekers booked on the flight. Unity say “legal aid funding restrictions have prevented lawyers from taking on deportee’s asylum cases even when there is new evidence.”

“Many individuals on this flight have not had access to a fair trial. There has not been time to assist each individual sufficiently with their case to effectively prevent their removal on this particular flight.” The group add that one man was only booked on the flight yesterday: “he has no lawyer and less than no time to prepare”

The situation is made more difficult by the UK Border Agency who are moving detainees between different immigration detention centres in preparation for tonight’s flight. Unity say that an LGBT asylum-seeker “was moved on the day of his surgery with a lawyer which greatly delayed his access to legal help”.

Unity are calling for anyone who can to call the Nigerian High Commission and urge them to try to stop the current charter flight.

Anyone who has time please call the number below and let them know of your concern for many of the individuals on this flight and urge them that they do not have to be party to this inhumane method of mass deportation but that the merits of each immigration case should be considered fully and not rushed in order to fill mass charter flights which is what is occurring.

Nigerian High Commission

Phone: 0207 839 1244
extention 277, alternatively just press 0 during the main menu of options.

Fax: 020 7839 8746

Or online message

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