Iraqi parliament condemns deportations from the UK and Europe

Repost: Iraqi parliament condemns deportations from the UK and Europe

The President of the Iraqi parliament has backed the campaign to stop forcible deportations of Iraqi refugees from the UK and Europe.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the Iraqi Embassy in London on Friday, 0sama al-Nujaifi questioned how European Governments could send people back to Iraq by force when the country was clearly unsafe, with regular bombs and attacks. The President and the other MPs present agreed to demands raised by the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees to back a motion through parliament not to accept deportees into Baghdad airport.

Another MP, Adil Abdullah, said a delegation from the parliament had told British government representatives they would not accept Iraqi people deported by force in the future.

Earlier last week, on 10th October. the Iraqi Parliament discussed a proposal brought by the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees to stop accepting deportations and an end to the Iraqi Government’s agreement with European Governments to accept forcible deportations.

No objection was raised to the proposal, read by Sardar Abdullah MP, and MPs agreed to set up a committee to take the issue forward.

Forcible deportations from the UK to Baghdad are currently suspended at least until November pending a legal challenge questioning the safety of the region.

Deportations to the northern, Kurdish region of Iraq have been suspended since early last year after the government there refused to accept anymore.


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