Detainee starts hunger strike after deportation lynching

Detainee starts hunger strike after deportation lynching

[ Press Release 21/03/2012 ]

Injury inflicted in second assault in 2008

A Congolese man has gone on hunger strike to demand his release from an Immigration Removal Centre near Heathrow Airport.

Daniel Ngonga Nsevelo, 29, claims he was savagely beaten by private guards aboard a Kenya Airways flight during an abortive attempt to deport him last month (24/02/2012).

“Because he refused to go on the flight they badly beat him, stamping on his whole body and on his head,” said Mr Nsevelo’s sister Isabelle, adding: “His neck’s swollen because they also strangled him. This isn’t the first time.”

Daniel was born in the Congo but fled with his parents to Angola to escape the murderous civil war aged just 3 years old. The family later sought safety from war-torn Angola, fleeing to the UK when Daniel was 8.

He is currently being held in indefinite detention at the Colnbrook Immigration Removal Center, a high security detention site nicknamed ‘The Cooler’ by some Border Agency officials [1].

Activists from the ‘Stop Deportation Network’ have pledged to support Daniel’s action. “We are inspired by Daniel’s courage to go on hunger strike. Though his protest puts him at risk of further victimization and isolation by the immigration authorities. We demand Daniel’s immediate release and the end to violent deportation,” said Alex Thomlinson, a spokesperson for the group.

The tragic death of fellow asylum seeker, Jimmy Mubenga, at the hands of private guards in October 2010, quickly brought the business of deportation into the public eye [2]. Jimmy and Daniel were in detention together in 2008 and became close friends.

Daniel now fears a similar fate to Mubenga claiming he has been violently assaulted three times during nine separate deportation attempts. On one occasion he says he was even bitten by the escort.


Contact: Stop Deportation Network

Please send messages of support for Daniel to

“Daniel keep it up we are with you in the struggle”

“You are in our prayers”


1. Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre was referred to as ‘The Cooler’ in this article:

2. Jimmy Mubenga death: prosecutor weighs up whether to charge G4S security guards

Stop Deportation Network Events in Peckham this March against charter flights

Stop Deportation Network Events in South London – March 2012 with Portuguese translation

Mass Deportations to Nigeria and Cameroon from UK on 8th March!
Deportações em massa to Nigéria e os Camarões do UK 8 de Março!

  UK Border Agency call this: “Operation Majestic”!
Agência de fronteiras do Reino Unido chamam isto de: “Operação Majestic”!


We say: “Deportations Kill! Deportation is always Violent!”
Nós dizemos: “Deportações matam. Deportação é sempre violenta!”

In October 2010 Angolan asylum-seeker Jimmy Mubenga was killed by deportation escorts on a commercial flight. Deportation is a fundamentally violent process, especially on mass deportations because there are no independent witnesses and the UK Border Agency hire 2 private security guards for each person being deported. So it’s no surprise that the violence continues even after Jimmy’s death…

Em outubro de 2010 Angolano, requerente  asilo, Jimmy Mubenga foi morto por escoltas de deportação em um vôo da British Airways. Deportação é um processo fundamentalmente violento, especialmente deportações em massa porque não há testemunhas independentes e a Agência de fronteiras do Reino Unido contratam 140 agentes de segurança privada para  deportação de 70 pessoas. Por isso é nenhuma surpresa que a violência continua mesmo depois death… de Jimmy

“My brother today refused to go on a flight to Angola because he doesn’t know that country. He came here when he was 8yrs old. He’s now 29. We’ve been here over 20 years. Because he refused to go on the flight they badly beat him, stamping on his whole body, on his head. He’s now bleeding from his hands and can’t swallow. His neck’s swollen because they also strangled him. He’s badly bruised all over his body. He can barely speak now because of what they’ve done to him and this isn’t the 1st time – its happened at least 3 times before.” Friday 24th February 2012

“Meu irmão hoje recusou ir no voo para Angola porque ele não conhecia esse país. Ele veio aqui quando tinha 8 anos de idade. Ele agora é 29. Nós moramos  aqui mais de 20 anos. Porque ele se recusou a ir no aviao, eles fortemente,  bateram nele,  estamparam  em todo o seu corpo e tambem na cabeça. Ele agora está sangrando nas  mãos e não podendo engolir. Tem o pescoço  inchado porque eles também estrangularam ele. Ele esta gravemente ferido  com manchas  em  todo  corpo. Ele  nao pode falar  por causa do que eles fizeram a ele e  não é a 1 ª vez – já aconteceu pelo menos 3 vezes antes” Sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2012


On Wednesday 7th March at 2pm, let’s all call the Nigerian High Commission in London! 

Phone Blockade – Jam their Phone Lines! 
Call 020 7839 1244

Why? They collaborate with the UK Border Agency to make travel documents so people get deported. They even issue travel documents for non-Nigerians! The only African country to do this… And mass deportations to Nigeria are happening every 6 weeks.

Quarta-feira 7 de março às 2 pm

Vamos todos chamar  de Nigerian Alto Comissariado em Londres!

Telefone bloqueio – diske 020 7839 1244

Bloqueio  suas linhas de telefone!

Por quê?  Nigerian Alto Comissariado em Londres  em colaboracao com a Agência de fronteiras do Reino Unido que produzem documentacao de viajem  para deportacao  das pessoas. Eles,  tambem, emitem  documentos de viagem para  não Nigerianos! Eles são o único país Africano a fazerem isso… e deportações em massa para a Nigéria estão acontecendo a cada 6 semanas.


Next Meeting: Saturday 24th March 2012,

2-5pm Bussey Building (in the theatre)
133 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15 4ST
Peckham Rye Train Station/Buses 12, 37, 63, 78, 343, 197

Topic: How to protect ourselves from immigration checks in the street, at work and on demonstrations.

Creche and food available


Many people in Peckham live in fear of deportation. Members of the Stop Deportation Network who live locally want to help organise events where people can feel safe and confident to challenge deportation in whatever way they decide.

Tell your friends and family, any groups you belong to, and if you’re already involved in anti-deportation campaigns then let’s work together!

Próxima reunião

 Sábado a tarde, 24 de Março de 2012

2-5 pm Bussey edifício (dentro do teatro)

133 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15 4ST

Peckham Rye Train Station/ônibus 12, 37, 63, 78, 343, 197

Creche and food available.

Tópico: Como proteger-nos da imigração: verificacao na rua, no trabalho e em manifestações.

Muitas pessoas em Peckham vivem com medo de deportação. Membros da Stop Deportation Network (Rede de Deportação) vivendo  localmente querem ajudar a organizar eventos onde as pessoas possam se sentirem seguro e confiante para desafiar a deportação de qualquer forma que eles decidem.

Mencione  aos seus amigos e familiares, todos os grupos que  você pertence e se você ja estiver  envolvidos em campanhas de anti-deportation, vamos trabalha juntos!

Nossa rede inclui pessoas com uma vasta gama de experiências: ex-detidos e requerentes de asilo, os visitantes aos centros de detenção de imigração, ativistas sem fronteiras, imigrantes, fiança fianças, médicos independentes, contatos legais, grupos de advocacia, grupos religiosos, grupos comunitários.


stopdeportation[AT]  (replace the [AT] with @ )

Tel: 07511399591

Twitter: @BorderlessLDN