Frontpage news for Nigeria Charter Flight

News from UK-Nigeria Deportation Charter Flight 8th March 2012

Frontpage of Saturday Vanguard Newspaper in Nigeria
UK deports 120 Nigerians over immigration offences

Daily Times Nigeria
Nigerian gay asylum seeker ‘prefer dying’ to deportation from UK

Other coverage:
*Hundreds of leaflets were handed out in Peckham, South London, on Saturday 3rd March to raise awareness about the deportation.

*Many people phoned the Nigerian High Commission in London on Wednesday 7th March to protest against the deportation. Staff at the Nigerian High Commission are paid by the UK Border agency to interview people in detention and issue them with emergency travel documents for deportation to Nigeria…even for non-Nigerian nationals.

*The next day, the UKBA replied to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request but refused to disclose their level of collaboration with the Nigerian Immigration Service. The Border Agency claim that: “Disclosing this information would have a clear effect on UKBA’s ability to carry out removals to Nigeria and would directly prejudice the operation of immigration controls”. I wonder why?
An investigation in Germany last year found that the Nigerian Embassy staff were paid €500 by the German authorities for every asylum-seeker they helped to deport…
The level of secrecy between the British and Nigerian Immigration authorities suggests a similar scam is operative in the UK.

*In the 12 months ending January 2012, UKBA has operated 11 mass deportation charter flights to Nigeria and the total number of Nigerian nationals returned on these flights was 492. These flights are still code-named operation MAJESTIC. [FOI request]

VICTORIES against Operation Majestic:

*Patrice Ndjonssy, Cameroonian asylum-seeker, not put on Nigerian Charter flight (14th attempt by UKBA to deport him)

*John Abraham at Colnbrook did not fly.

*Several women at Yarl’s Wood got their tickets cancelled

*Detainees not removed have sent the following short message (from Colnbrook, via John O):

“To all who Emailed/faxed/rang, your efforts are never in Vain, knowing there are people outside fighting for us inside is solidarity that keeps us strong and willing to fight on until UKBA stop serving Removal Directions and give us leave to remain. Keep up the good work”

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